Expedition Presents Findings to the Royal Geographical Society

In April this year, a joint UK-Philippines Negros Interior Biodiversity Expedition (NIBE) set out from Campuestohan in Talisay City to undertake the first biological exploration of the interior of the North Negros Natural Park (NNNP).

The Baldusa Falls in the NNNP

This is an environmental hotspot and one of the top ten most important areas of forest in the world. It had not been scientifically explored before.

Members of the expedition slept in hammocks likes this

In September, the British members of the team premiered the expedition documentary film and presented an overview of the expedition and its findings to Britain’s prestigious Royal Geographical Society in London.

It was attended by a distinguished audience of some 140 supporters of the expedition.

Opening the evening, Peter Raines MBE, chairman of Coral Cay Conservation, gave a candid and colorful introduction to the pressing conservation needs of the Philippines.

Expedition leader, James Sawyer, followed with an overview of the planning and undertaking the expedition. He not only highlighted the diversity and destruction of biodiversity in the Philippines, but also stressed the vital importance of the remaining forest areas, including the NNNP.

“This was a great opportunity to spread the word not only on the forest conservation needs of the Philippines and Negros, but also to highlight to an international audience the vital work of NFEFI ,” he said.

The evening also featured the first showing of a documentary filmed during the course of the expedition. This gave the audience a real insight to the NNNP and expedition life.

Dr. Craig Turner, the expedition’s research leader, presented the major findings of the exploration including positive news for several IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, new species records for the NNNP, and at least one unknown species of snake that is still perplexing researchers in the Philippines, the UK, USA and Germany.

The evening finished with a digital slide show of images from the expedition, and a plea from the British members of the team to support the work of NFEFI.

James Sawyer and Dr. Turner thanked the many supporters of the expedition and for generously supporting the current fund-raising campaign of NFEFI."