Threatened Visayan Spotted Deer Born at the NFEFI

A fawn has become the first Visayan Spotted Deer to be born in the past six years at the Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation’s (NFEFI) captive breeding and conservation center in Bacolod City.
The male deer was born in July.

MJ, the rare fawn on display at NFEFI's center by the Provincial Lagoon

“We were all very excited about the birth,” said NFEFI curator, Dr. Joanne Justo.

“We were delighted when the female, Sandy, turned out to be pregnant and we kept our fingers crossed it would lead to a successful birth.”

Lunch time for MJ, the rare fawn, at NFEFI's center by the Provincial Lagoon

The fawn, nicknamed MJ in honor of singer Michael Jackson, went on display last week to the many visitors who flock to the NFEFI center by the Provincial Lagoon. NFEFI now has 13 of these rare creatures and all can be seen at the center.

“The Visayan Spotted Deer is the rarest and most threatened deer species in the world and the arrival of MJ is very encouraging. Under the right conditions, this beautiful animal certainly has a future,” added Dr Justo.

MJ with mother Sandy

As part of NFEFI’s recently launched fund-raising campaign the center is hoping someone will come forward and sponsor the fawn.

“Supporting the fawn for a year is not expensive and it would make a unique gift for a loved one,” said Dr. Justo.
If any concerned citizen would be interested in supporting the fawn in full or in part, please call NFEFI on 034 433 9234 or email negros [email protected]. NFEFI’s website is http://negros

Apart from NFEFI, the other two key players in the Visayan Spotted Deer Conservation Program are Silliman University’s Center for Tropical Conservation Studies and the Mari-it Conservation Park of West Visayas State University in Panay.*